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Jul. 12th, 2007 @ 09:23 am An old friend
I added myself to a gaming group website (meetup.com) because of my increased interest in gaming lately. As a result, a couple of months ago I got an e-mail from John Ross.

John was part of RAGA (Rapahannock Area Gamers Association) based out of Fredericksburg VA. I'd done the newsletter for the group for a while mainly the Car Wars part and then was President of the club for a bit.

John provided some art for the newsletter as well as a scenario. I happened upon the paperwork last year so it was sort of odd to hear from John.

I found out that he and his wife were moving from Austin to Denver in June. I sent him an e-mail last week and yesterday we got together to chat at the local Tattered Cover.

It was an interesting conversation and we caught up on old news. I'm not much for keeping track of folks but I do remember several of the folks John talked about.

We also talked about his writing. He's written for several games and even worked for Steve Jackson Games for a while becoming president of the AADA. He's also published his own stuff and seems to be doing reasonably well.

We also talked about my motorcycle riding and our wives.

An interesting thing was he dedicated one of his games to me and another guy which was cool. He also brought up a couple of incidents which I don't recall (being that it happened 20 years ago :) ).

1. "The Crater Wall". This was a wall that took the brunt of bad die rolls. Now I do recall throwing the old plastic DND dice against the wall once the corners had rounded off just to break them but don't remember any wall taking enough damage to have craters.

2. A game of Talisman that included Ms xtina. Apparently she had picked up "The Wand" and I wanted it. I coerced her into giving it up by extending her bedtime.

While the crater wall at least is somewhat familiar, I really don't recall the second incident. If it happened, I'm a bit embarrassed and apologize. I hope I wasn't that bad in trying to win.

Anyway it was an interesting hour or so. John seems a tad more mellow which I guess 20 years will do to you. We're talking about getting together to run a couple games of Talisman and/or Cosmic Encounters. It'll be fun :)
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